The company offers retail sales and wholesale coal (walnut , ankle , had , eco – peas ) and brown coal and briquettes . Collection point is located in Słonowie . Shuttle service within 5km free . In addition 1zł/km.We also bagged coal – bags of 50kg and 25kg

We have only proven coal Polish origin.


This is the type of coal extracted primarily for the sake of granularity , ranging between 20 -40mm , which fits it to the list of so-called thick coals . In addition, he belongs to the fiery coals , burning a long and highly luminous flame. A low content of sulfur ( 0.7 -1.7% ) provides superb combustion, and eliminates the risk of the formation of pathways or soot particle deposition on the outlet system . The undeniable advantages of this material include low fuel must popielatość , which directly helps to reduce the frequency of emptying of the combustion chamber , thus saving labor and time for the person responsible for the operation of the furnace. A small degree of pollution makes this type of fuel consumption and environment friendly . The most important fact to decide on such a frequent choosing walnut customers are calorific values ​​, higher than in the case of brown coal .

Lignite is a sedimentary rock , which due to its high carbon content ( 62-75 %) is used as fuel. For the sake of the grain size , divide it into seven assortments : billets, thick , medium, walnut , fine , he and nongrade . The deposits found in Poland are created mainly by soft coal , which was mined in open pits .
The calorific value of brown coal , which is the amount of heat dissipated when complete combustion , and assuming that the water remains in the form of steam, ranges from 7.5 – 21 MJ / kg, and the heat of combustion ( takes into account the energy recovered from the condensation of water vapor contained in the products combustion ) reaches from 15 to 23 MJ / kg. Domestic coal humidity is quite large and reaches up to 60 %. When you purchase this type of fuel it is worth remembering that the Polish Norm allowed to sell only this , the humidity does not exceed 55% of the next parameter , which is worth paying attention to when choosing a brown coal ash , which in some cases may be as high as 40 %. This is a factor that has a direct impact is the quality of combustion. The lower , the combustion efficiency is higher.

Coal is a solid fuel produced on the basis of coal for thermal energy production in low- emission furnaces with feeding retort . A boiler with feeder retort (commonly called retort boilers ) or ” no – grate ” are ecological and economical heating devices that can be used for supplying households ciepną both single and multi family , large buildings , industrial facilities and heating plants as a source of peripherals. The most important advantages of feeding retort boilers are :
The efficiency of 80 % to 85 % which ensures significantly lower heat production costs which in practice is about 2 times lower than when using energy from the combustion of natural gas , and as many as four times lower than when using fuel oil. In winter conditions ekogroszku consumption in farm households using a boiler with a capacity of 15-25 kW is about 1-1.5 kg / h and it is worth noting that the feeder retort boilers are 40% cheaper to operate than traditional grate boilers .rusztowych.

Briquette is a completely natural product , produced in the process of drying , grinding and pressing of brown coal. The manufacturing process is subject to constant supervision of manufacturing , allowing you to maintain a constant , high-quality products and manufacturing capabilities and resources of raw materials guarantee product availability and stable price. Lignite briquettes can be used in boilers , fireplace inserts and fireplaces closed . For an optimum use of fuel required for the combustion temperature is high .