Seeds and Organic cereals


To meet the expectations of our customers in 2014 implements certificate EKOGWARANCJA PTRE.

I give ample opportunity to purchase and export of organic cereals like:

– Triticale

We are able to pick up the goods directly from the farm prepared to take on transport and storage in a specially dedicated space.

What conditions must be met?

  1. Signing of Contract and Purchase / Sale.
  2. Forward a copy or a scan of the current certificate EKO to our office.
  3. Security attempts to load grain in special sealed packaging that you receive from

Seeds of change in the seed material.

We offer you with the highest quality seed material. Have their plantations and extensive business contacts affording a guarantee lowest prices and the availability of certain varieties of cereals.

The seeds are delivered to local customers as well as with the whole Polish. Shipping Fee depends on the weight of the pallet.


The offer includes seeds:

Wheat, rye, barley, triticale, canola, corn, lupine, peluchy, peas, beans millet and buckwheat.


Shipping Fee depends on the weight of the pallet


Prices (up to 30kg pack) RATES NET

Pack of 1 kg  9,50 zł
Pack up to 30 kg 11,00 zł

Prices national

Pallet 100 kg   80,00  zł
Pallet 200 kg 85,00 zł
Paleta 300 kg 95,00 zł
Palette of up to 500 kg 110,00 zł
Palette of up to 800 kg -1000 kg 125,00 zł

Additional Charges

Fuel surcharge + toll (January 2014.) 12 %
Download charges for each started 3 000 zł 4 zł
Insurance for 500 zł in the price
ROD-return dokuemntów 6,00 zł
Provision for private addresses to individuals 0,20 zł